Make your sport gear sexy

March 10, 2014
Cardigan, bikini top and shorts: H&M; shirt: abercrombie and fitch; fashion jewelry: Nordstrom

It makes a lot of fun to go shopping in Seattle, especially for me it’s so exiting, a lot of labels and stores are new for me and the most of them have different styles than I was used to from Germany.  I live here in Seattle Eastside for a few months and I’m so happy to be here, I can try new styles, I can wear everything I want without feeling uncomfortable and being stared at, this is my new home, I love you Seattle ♥

I’ve become obsessed with over the knee socks recently and for my first fashion post, I would like to show you how I styled my sport gear. I want a sexy style but at the same time sporty, I hope you guys like it!



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