Infant Massage And Reflux

September 4, 2016


Hi guys,

this is my first blog post about my experience as a new mom and today I’d like to chat about what helped my baby girl Jessi to relax and to sleep better and longer.

I have to say Jessi has always been a calm baby, she didn’t cry much, she was drinking milk really well and with one month she started to smile. Her smile is melting my heart! It was amazing to see her smiling for the first time! She was sleeping through the night with just two months, and I was enjoying that a lot. That was really great! During the day wasn’t so easy. She used to fall asleep while drinking milk and after putting her in the crib she wakes up after max 10-15 minutes. kind of exhausting, right?


Beginning of reflux

At some point around 3-4 months Jessica didn’t want to drink milk anymore, just a few sips and when I offered her more, she started to cry. Since I breastfed, I thought it was because I ate something that she didn’t like, so I gave her formula. Same behavior! What I knew for sure, it was not because of my milk, so I started to pump my milk to see exactly how much is she drinking. Some days were fine, she was drinking about 6 oz per feeding and some days just 1 -2 oz. It was a horrible time, can you imagine you just want the best for your baby, but I felt like I’m not able to feed my own baby. I was so worried and I can tell you I went to the pediatrician like 8 -10 times to see what’s wrong with her.

No one could help me! They told me, this is the way babies act, and that she would get distracted, and want to explore everything and so on. But come on! I know my baby girl, she is not acting like she is doing great, I mean there were days, I just put her in the feeding position and she started to cry and arching her back. She was drinking just during the night or during the day when she was half asleep with closed eyes. I knew this was nothing normal! The reason that no pediatrician took us seriously was that Jessi’s weight was great, she was 50-75% percentile that time. Of course, it was because of her night feedings!

It was a really exhausting time, I couldn’t sleep during the night because of the many feeding sessions and during the day Jessi didn’t want to take her nap. I mean, I had to hold her upright for 20-30 minutes and you can imagine, because she was drinking just with closed eyes, she fell asleep when she was done with drinking. She basically slept the whole time while I was holding her but when I put her in her crib she was done and woke up. Argh, I needed some minutes just to pump the milk for her! It was a hard time for both of us. When she was 5 months, finally we got reflux medication ‘zantac’ but it wasn’t any improvement there.

Attending the massage class

My sister told me about baby massage with all the benefits, so I decided to join with Jessi a massage class in Seattle Eastside. This is the best thing I could do for Jessi! I remember like today when we had our first massage class, I didn’t know what to expect but when I saw Jessi she was looking the whole time at our instructor, she was so calm and just enjoing the massage, I immediately knew that, this is gonna be great!


Massage experience

We went to Genetic Bond Infant Massage class for 5 weeks, and each week we learned about massaging different parts of the body. We started with legs. This was and still is Jessi’s favorite massage, together with the belly massage. Anyway the instructor was demonstrating the massage technique on a baby doll and the parents were practicing it on their babies with a natural oil that the lovely instructor provided. We were a small group, just perfect for Jessi because she is a shy baby and also the instructor can focus better on each of us. The atmosphere was nice, we could ask everything and we got immediately help and recommendations.

The result

We joined the class without any expectations, of course I hoped for an improvement regarding Jessi’s situation but to be honest I never thought that the benefits of infant massage are immense. Did you know that the massage is great for sensory stimulation, releasing teething or tummy pain, improving blood circulation, digestion, colic, gas. respiratory system and helping to sleep better?  It’s amazing, right? With helping ease teething pain, I don’t have any experience, just because Jessi does not like to be touched on her face. It’s challenging even to wash her face hehe 🙂

What can I say for sure, it helped her to relax, to sleep deeper and longer and also helped her with the digestion. Since we started with solids, she was constantly constipated and the lovely instructor, Regina showed us some techniques that were really helpful.

Not a sponsored post

I want to point out that this blog post is not a sponsored one, I just want to share my experience and maybe some of you have babies between 0-12 months that would like to try these benefits of the infant massage. If you live in Seattle area I highly recommend Genetic Bond Infant Massage. We had a great experience, Regina is an amazing instructor, we connected with other families and Jessi is now a happy baby! After the 5 weeks class I kept massage her. Not the whole techniques we learned, just the legst and belly. Jessi is enjoying her legs massage every day after giving her a bath and I massage her belly when I see some discomfort like gas or constipation or when she seems to be fussy.

Thank you Regina

Now my baby girl is 9 months old, she is feeling great, no reflux (2 months ago we got new medicine for her-Prevacid), she is eating great and she is enjoying her daily massage. There are still days when she does not want to sleep, but I’m feeling more confident now, I massage her belly for about 2-3 minutes and she immediately gets relaxed. Thank you Regina for your amazing class, we learned a lot!!!

First class for free

Here you can see photos from the class and you can find more about the massage and all the benefits.

If you are interested in a massage class for your baby, Genetic Bond Infant Massage are offering the first class for free!5



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  • Reply Polly September 7, 2016 at 1:37 pm

    My son had reflux during his first few months and it was such a difficult and tiring experience! What worked for him was having him sleep on a wedge at night. None of the medications worked but the wedge got rid of his reflux. I actually took Regina’s free class in Redmond last week. That’s awesome that you took her classes too!


  • Reply valerie hansen September 7, 2016 at 4:41 pm

    Awe Lara, sorry to hear motherhood has been so tiring, but no way around it when they are little! My son experienced this somewhat from a milk allegry, so I can totally relate. So glad you found help for the problem, and you sure have been missed in the Seattle blogging world, would love to see you again!

    Take care and your baby is as doll!


  • Reply mira September 9, 2016 at 8:48 am

    Hey Lara, thank you so much for sharing your experience! Very helpful, will definitely look for a class like this in my area, since I had my son a month ago and there are so many things I’m learning! Your girl is adorable!

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