How To Add A Subscriber Popup For Blogger

August 26, 2015

Hi guys, today I’ll show you how to grow your audience through a subscriber popup. This will be the first part of a three tutorial series. In the second part I’ll show you how to make a regular-custom subscriber newsletter and in the last part of the series it will be about creating an automatic newsletter with RSS.

If you want to bring your blog to the next level, to grow your audience then I hardly recommend you a popup subscriber box.  I experienced for myself that a sidebar solution didn’t really brought me subscribers, but a box that popping up worked really good. It’s really worth to try it out!

In WordPress, you have a ton of plugins to create these popup boxes, but for Blogger options seem to be limited. This option what I’ll show you works really good on Blogger, I tested it on my blogger account and you’ll be surprised how easy it is! Continue Reading…


Whole Foods Travel Giveaway

August 13, 2015


Hi my loves,

What are your plans for the next weeks? Maybe a weekend getaway or a day trip before back to school or back to work? Than I’ve got a great giveaway for you guys!

Whole Foods has a super cute weekender travel bag stuffed with quality and airplane friendly beauty essentials.
This bag will be on sale during a two week cycle, a $40.00 value retailing at just $6.99! The sale will run August 12-25 🙂

Continue Reading…


Moisturizing Coconut Bronzer

August 6, 2015

Good morning beautiful people,

how is your summer so far? I love warm days, spending my time at the beach, I love to get tanned, but being pregnant seems to bring up my internal temperature by at least 10 degrees and this is definitely way too hot for me. Actually, by nature my skin is really pale, can you imagine, a few years ago I couldn’t even wear white clothes, you couldn’t see the difference between naked skin and dress 🙂 I don’t really want go back to my old pale skin! Laying in the sun for hours is currently too much for me, you cannot believe how hot this summer in Seattle is. Everybody usually keeps saying that Seattle is a rainy city but since I live here, I didn’t experience that.  Anyway, indoor tanning is not an option for me, I don’t want to do it during my pregnancy…My only option to get tanned is to go outside in the morning before it’s getting too hot and using a natural lotion. Continue Reading…