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Comfy and Casual

January 14, 2016


Welcome to my first post in 2016 with a casual outfit. My baby girl Jessi was born at the end of November (yeah it’s a Thanksgiving baby!), so I took a break from blogging and enjoyed the first weeks with my small family. I have to say, I’m blessed and super happy that I can hold my Jessi and take care of her, she is my angel!

In today’s post, I’d love to show you guys my most appreciated daily outfit since my girl was born. Nursing tanks and leggings were and still are my life saver. I currently love to wear basic, casual clothes, especially because most of my time I spend at home or just for a walk to get some fresh air. Continue Reading…


Jogger Pants with Crop Top

April 24, 2014

Sick of skinny jeans? Not really, I love them, but because of my second degree burn on my leg they don’t fit anymore,  I still have to wear my bandage and the question is what can I wear? Last week I was shopping (yeahhh) and I found this awesome, comfortable and truly soft jogger pants from American Eagle.  OMG, I love them ♥  bahhhm purchased! Continue Reading…